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What is a robotics academy?
CyberCamp was created to provide children with the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity by designing, building and programming robots to solve a variety of real-world problems. Campers will be taught the fundamentals of building and programming at their own pace and will be presented with a series of challenges that increase in difficulty as they master different skills. 

What are the benefits of working with robotics?
​Obscure science and mathematical concepts that students are taught in school become concrete and more understandable through hands-on activities with the robots. Students will develop a strong understanding of key engineering concepts like gears, gear ratios, torque, light and sound waves, centre of gravity, friction, how sensors work and more. The circular design model that we teach can be utilized in all aspects of their schooling. Campers will become better problem solvers, work more cooperatively as a member of a team, and will gain confidence in their abilities. One only has to look at the pride on a child’s face as she watches her creation complete a complex task to see the benefits of this type of program.

My son/daughter doesn’t have a lot of experience with the computer or robots.
No worries. The unique thing about CyberCamp is that each child will receive an individual program, tailored to meet their needs. The staff at CyberCamp are elementary school teachers with years of experience in robotics, and working with students of all ability levels. Students work at their own pace and will receive as much support as they need to succeed. Only once they have mastered a skill do they move on to more difficult challenges. At CyberCamp, we do not divide our sessions into beginner or advanced. More skilled campers will be given opportunities to share their knowledge with their peers which will develop their leadership skills. A typical snapshot of the camp would see campers working on a wide variety of projects. While some campers are programming their robot to follow a line, another group might be building attachments to lift a submarine off of a ship and place it in the water. 

​Will the campers be active?
Yes. Our goal at CyberCamp is to create healthy minds and bodies. Structured physical activities that follow the weekly theme will be scheduled throughout the day. Activities will take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. While there will be some time for free activities inside and outside, most of our physical activities will be structured to improve cardiovascular health and build leadership and teamwork skills.

What is the difference between the theme weeks?
We have divided CyberCamp into different theme weeks. During each week, the robotics tasks and physical fitness activities are organized around the themes. We have tried to create weeks that will appeal to campers with a wide variety of interests. More information can be found in the Summer Camps. All theme weeks are suitable for all campers, regardless of experience, or ability. Each week ends with a fun competition, where experienced campers compete against other experienced campers, and rookies compete against other rookies.

Does my child have to bring their own lunch and snacks?
Yes, campers are responsible for bringing their own nut-free snacks and lunches. Free pizza lunches will be provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we visit the splash park across the street.